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How to get vaccinated in Italy without Italian health coverage

Posted on June 9th, 2021

by Expat Living in Rome

Rome, June 9 –  An Expat in Rome share here story about getting vaccinated without SSN – Sistema sanitario nazionale in ONLY 2 steps!

It is easy and fast to get vaccinated, it reduces your risk of getting sick badly and it immensely reduces your risk to pass on the virus. You can get vaccinated without being enrolled in the SSN during the open days.

I was just vaccinated against Sars-CoV-2 and Covid-19 with AstraZeneca here in Rome. I have no subscription at the Italian healthcare system (SSN – Sistema sanitario nazionale).

Step 1: I booked my appointment using the app “Ufirst” for the open week.

Step 2: I went there, filled in the form, and got the jab. I had to put down my personal information, contact details and my fiscal code (codice fiscale), I wasn’t asked to show any documents.

To book the vaccine: You must first download the UFirst app  (just download the application available both on the App Store and on Google Play). Once logged in, you can then choose your city (Rome) and identify the vaccination center where you can set the appointment and time for the injection.

Who can be booked?  Those born from 2003 onwards, i.e. adults.

To all expats:  I know that people before me have asked and others have answered, but I wanted to share my experience with all of you in a post so it is easier to retrieve this information.

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