Barberini metro station reopens today!

Posted on February 4th, 2020

by Expats living in Rome

After an endless series of announcements portrayed and false hopes, and ten months after the closure, Barberini metro station reopens this morning at 5.30, as the metro line A starts its work.

Passengers will not be able to enter the station but only to exit though. This is because out of the six escalators present, two remain pending maintenance work. But, it is justified, “security comes first”. And again: “It became clear to us that a thorough inspection, never done before, on all the structures of the Rome undergrounds was more necessary than ever. In recent months we have put the technicians to work to make the stations safe” – says the representative of ATAC.

However, the ten months that have gone by without the Barberini stop remain. Which for the businesses in the area have resulted in a collapse of the estimated turnover, according to their accounts, in an average of 40%, depending on the type of activity. “I had a 30% drop, I was almost lucky compared to others” says Andrea Pepi, owner of a toy shop on Via del Tritone. “That metro station reopening is certainly good news.” However, no compensation on the horizon for those businesses.

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