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New Dpcm hypothesis: Italy turns to Red zones for the holidays

Posted on December 14th, 2020

by Expats living in Rome

New Dpcm hypothesis, all of Italy is a red zone during the holidays after the shopping crowds in Rome.  Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte: “We must continue to commit ourselves and remain vigilant to fight the contagion”

A red (or orange) zone on holidays and pre-holidays and the only exceptions is moving between small towns.  Even Rome, after the new this weekends gatherings in the city has ended up under the magnifying glass of the Government which is thinking of closing ranks before the Christmas holidays.

The latest example of crowding in the capital took place last night due to the presence of too many people, that it was no longer possible to maintain a safe distance.  Patrols from the local police near Trevi fountain where it was not possible to maintain a safe distance.

A temporary closure that goes hand in hand with the checks on Saturday when the number of presences in the shopping streets of Rome where there was a significantly increase, making it necessary to close down via del Corso at the intersections with via del Parlamento , via della Vittoria and piazza del popolo at intervals of about 15 minutes as well as the closure of the Flaminio and Spagna metro stops for about 2 hours. Interventions also in Testaccio and Trastevere.

Scenes that have occurred throughout Italy, and so the hypothesis under consideration by the government would be to adopt homogeneous rules throughout the country, with a tightening of the provisions to avoid the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This could materialize in the next few hours, with a series of interventions aimed at preventing Christmas and New Year from becoming the starting point for a new avalanche of new positives. It is not excluded at this point that there may also be a new Dpcm, to intervene on the most problematic aspects.

A series of even harsher interventions to avoid crowds in the shopping streets and squares. Not only that, in the central areas of large cities, like Rome, there is also the hypothesis of targeted closures (not just quota restrictions as is now the case) or anticipating evening time limitations and the closure of bars and restaurants. The restaurants, open until now for lunch and in the evening only for take-out. Some push for closures even at lunch, as is for the red or orange areas.

And therefore, even if most of Italy will be in the “yellow zones”, now we are thinking of “red zone” style bans by completely closing bars, restaurants, ice cream parlors and pastry shops. As well as shops with the exception of pharmacies, tobacconists and newsstands. Today it will be decided whether the measure as early as 19 and 20 December or whether, instead, to slip into the days close to Christmas.


Original article in Italian: RomaToday


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