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Snow and Ice Safety Measures: What to Know and Do

Posted on December 11th, 2023

by Adriana ruiz

In response to the potential risks associated with snow and ice, Order No. 131, issued by the Mayor of Rome on December 5, 2023, has implemented ‘Emergency Provisions for Snowfall, Ice Formation, and Cold Waves 2023–2024.’ Understanding and adopting proper self-protection behaviors are crucial to preventing associated risks.



– Stay informed about meteorological conditions through radio, television, and the web.

– Equip yourself with necessary snow and ice tools; a shovel and salt supplies are essential for your home or business.

– In the event of a sudden temperature drop below zero degrees Celsius, protect the external water meter from the cold using insulating materials. Keep only the tap for drinking water open (a slight flow is sufficient) closest to the meter to prevent freezing and subsequent pipe breakage. Keep heating systems operational to prevent pipe breakage.

– Install winter tires on your car or carry snow chains, preferably those with quick installation. Check the battery status and the efficiency of windshield wipers, ensuring there is antifreeze in the radiator water.



– Clear snow from your private access or driveway. Property owners and managers must keep sidewalks in front of buildings clear during and after snowfall, up to a width of two meters.

– Avoid using two-wheeled transportation.

– Limit travel to essential trips and, when possible, prefer public transportation.

– Do not walk near trees and pay particular attention to snow slabs that, especially during the thaw phase, can detach from roofs.



– Note that after a snowfall, ice may form on roads and sidewalks. Pay attention to road conditions and drive with extra caution.

– If walking, choose anti-slip shoes to prevent falls and slips. Exercise caution as ice may be hidden under a layer of soft snow.


For any clarifications, information, and/or interventions, contact the 24/7 Operational Room of the Civil Protection of Rome Capital at the toll-free number 800 854 854 or at +39 06 67109200.


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