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Japanese Restaurant in Rome – It’s not a Tourist Trap!

Posted on March 20th, 2018

by Expats living in Rome

Japanese food in Rome Italy

Usually we suggest not to eat near tourist attractions with their horrible service and tourist prices, and low quality!! But we tried Tora Sushi & Asian Cuisine a few and found out this is NOT a tourist trap!

If it is possible to feel two strong passions simultaneously in a love relationship, as the poet Catullo wrote in the 1st century B.C. “Odi et Amo” (I hate and I love); it is certainly not possible with sushi: you love it or hate it, that’s it! Even while living in the ancient capital of the world, sushi lovers might feel a craving for the Japanese delicacy and wonder where to find tasty sushi and sashimi. We have been hunting for you and found Tora, a sleek and neat authentic Japanese restaurant next to Piazza Navona, on Corso Rinascimento 71.

SushiThe menu offers a wide variety of scrumptious choices. We had an assortment of uramaki rolls:  avocado, salmon & Philadelphia cheese, and also spicy tuna;  salmon & avocado hosomaki, Tori Kastu: a Japanese cutlet of curry chicken served with rice, a super tasty Tempura and Wok Calamari sautéed with asparagus, broccoli, ginger, Tobanjan chili with oyster sauce, and a hint of lime simply to die for.


All the entrees were fresh and flavorful and each had a pure Asian spirit. The renowned Japanese chefs, Koji Nakai and Ayako Shimizu take great care in selecting the best quality ingredients and proudly create both traditional and innovative recipes: to honor the Japanese tradition as well as to harmonize their experience with contemporary inspirations in new forms of cuisine. The service was truly remarkable;  the staff welcomed us with a complimentary prosecco and a sample appetizer. The waiter was very polite and friendly without being phony. It was a great dining experience, highly recommended. “Provare per credere” as Italians say.

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By Emanuela Laguardia


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