Rules to be followed in Phase 2 by car, motorbike and bicycle

Posted on June 2nd, 2020

by Expats living in Rome

How many passengers can by in a car, motorbike and bicycle?

It is necessary to distinguish between those that live together and those that do not. Here are the rules  starting June 3 on safety distances and masks.

In Phase 2, two or more people can travel by car, provided that the distance of at least one meter between the passengers is respected (which may depending on the type of vehicle).

What rules must those on board respect?

Passengers must be well spaced from each other and wear a mask, measures do not apply between those living together,  but instead are mandatory between relatives, engaged couples and friends.

By motorbike, motorcycle and bicycle, on the other hand, it is forbidden to ride another person who is not part of the family unit, since it would not be possible to keep the distance of at least 1 meter between the passengers.

Those traveling alone are not obliged to wear a mask, the same thing on bikes and motorbikes.

From Wednesday 3 June interregional travel will be permitted without self-certification and by any means, public and private. To travel safely, the rules on distance on board remain in force.

From Wednesday 3 June interregional travel will be permitted without “self-declaration” and by any means, public and private. To travel safely, the rules on distance on board remain in force.

How many passengers by car in Phase 2?

The Ministry’s FAQs does not indicate the exact number of passengers allowed on board; they merely reiterate that a distance of at least one meter must be guaranteed between the driver and the passengers. So probably no more than two or three people can be on board by car.

Driver and passengers must wear a protective mask and traveling with a window down.

These strict rules do not apply to those living together: they can stay in the car even without masks and social distancing.

On motorbike or Motorcycle?

By motorbike or motorcycle it is impossible to maintain the safety distance of at least one meter between the driver and the passenger. So, whatever the reason for the move,  you cannot take a ride with a friend or a non-cohabiting person

Things change between cohabitants: those who live under the same roof can travel by motorbike in two, without limitations and risk of incurring penalties, exactly as foreseen in the case of the car.

Two on a bike?

In Phase 2, the bicycle can be used both as a means of transport for going to work, shopping or other errands, and for sports and recreational activities. It is not forbidden to ride a young child the back, as long as it is an appropriate child seat and the rules on cohabitants apply.

Instead, other cyclists on the road must always keep at least one meter distance. n order to encourage the use of the bike as an alternative to public transport, the bonus for the purchase of electric bikes and scooters has been included in the relaunch decree.

Where can you go by car, bike or motorbike?

Compared to Phase 1, citizens from 3 June 2020 have more freedoms, to be used with caution and common sense.

Mobility is expanded: it is now possible to move throughout the national territory, without self-certification and therefore without a specific reason. You can travel between regions to visit a relative, friend or take a trip out of town.

No limitation for those coming from the northern regions most affected by the virus: the green light is on a national scale and the governors cannot impose discrimination based on the place of origin.

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